Installing Luminoodle Bias Lighting for TV

If you have ever had eye strain while watching TV or perhaps you just needed more ambient light when watching movies then bias lighting may be what you have been missing!

Bias lighting is good for a couple of reasons

  • Reduces eye strain while watching TV
  • Does not cause glare on the TV
  • It adds some indirect ambient light to an area of the room that you usually don't have a light source near

Today I'm installing the 78 inch version of the bias lighting on a 46 inch TV.



  • Luminoodle Bias Lighting (purchase link
  • Tape Measure
  • Cleaning Supplies (wet paper towel and rubbing alcohol)


  • Measure first and determine what length you need for your TV and where on the TV you plan to apply the light strip..
  • To get a fairly even distribution of the light strip you may need to place the strip several inches from the edge of the TV. In my case I chose an area that was between the HDMI/USB ports and the built in speakers.
  • The first 12 inches (approximately) has no LED lights or sticky. Keep this in mind when planning where you are starting the light strip.
  • Clean the application area thoroughly (I used a moist paper towel followed by rubbing alcohol)
  • When removing the plastic be careful that you don't remove the two sided sticky tape.

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