Installation: Kids Guard Magnetic Child Safety Cabinet Locks

When our little one started opening cabinets, I looked around for the best cabinet locks I could find.  None of our cabinets have handles and I was not thrilled by the thought of drilling holes in our nice cabinets for locks. But then I found the Kids Guard Magnetic Child Safety Cabinet Locks. They use 3M double sided tape rather than screws to lock the cabinets.  After a few months of use I am pretty happy with the purchase. They have good reviews on Amazon, were less than $3 per a strap, and should have little to no long term damage to the cabinets. Install is pretty easy and took me about 5 minutes a lock (after I figured out what I was doing).  I found the locks to work well for my cabinets, but I could see it not working for all cabinet configurations. 


  • Magnetic Child Safety Cabinet Locks (Buy on Amazon)
  • Scissors 
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Pencil 


  • The locking mechanism sticks the first couple of uses, so you may have to check it the first week or so to ensure the cabinet is locked. 
  • For my pull out cabinets I installed the lock in the middle of the cabinet rather than side. 
  • Because of where I had the lock on my pull out trash, I bumped it every time I took out the trash bag and the lock fell off after after about a month of use. 

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