Party Button: Peripherals

Your party button peripherals are what will give your party its own distinctive feel. you want to have enough peripherals to cover your space but make sure it isn't too busy. I used 4 Zwave outlets 2 Zwave dimming light switches, 2 black lights, and 2 party lights.

This post is the last in a four part series:

  1. Party Button: Overview
  2. Party Button: Button Box
  3. Party Button: PC setup
  4. Party Button: Peripherals

Zwave Outlets

I used GE brand Zwave outlets but don't arbitrarily limit yourself to a single brand. Since Zwave is a standard almost all products from every brand play nice together. The outlets are to control the dumb peripherals light the black lights and disco balls. You can also use them to control any lamps or regular light strips you are using.



Zwave Dimmer Light Switches

For the dimmer switches I used GE brand dimmer panels. There's also Zwave dimmers that look like standard light switches. The style is a personal preference thing. I choose dimmers instead of regular switches so that I could turn the regular lights on and off with nice transitions instead simply on/off.

Black Lights

For the black lights I used two 24" black lights. For my apartment they were sufficient to give the area a nice black light glow. You may need to add more if you have a lager of multi-room area. Keep in mind these are black lights (there's a reason they use them in crime shows) so do not place them in areas that might gross out your guests... 



Party Lights

I had two "disco" style party lights as seen in the amazon ads below. One was a light ball and the other a "stage party" light. Again these are personal preference kind of peripheral but there usually less than $20 so getting more than you need won't break the bank.


Possible Additions

One neat idea would be to add color changing lights to the restroom and non-party areas so that the theme of the party extends to all parts of the house.

Another would be to have color change light bulbs (like Philips HUE) this would replace the need for the Zwave dimmer switches.

What I've listed here is just one example, the number and types of peripherals you can add is only limited by your creativity and of course your party space.